Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring and carrots

I had decided not to sow any early carrots this year, but it is such a lovely warm day today! I added mushroom compost and dried seaweed to two squares (left back box, two squares on right hand side) and sowed a square of Nantes in the corner, and one of mixed coloured carrots in front of it. No doubt we will have a cold spell soon though.
There is a lot of grass in the box :-(

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Autumn garlic

Poor garden! It has been sadly neglected this year and really needs a re-vamp next.

Finally got around to planting the garlic in the lefthand deep box.. Two squares each of white, purple-white and Icelandic purple, plus one square of some Spanish garlic that I bought in Costco and some French that I bought in Paris last week. The latter two are large bulbs but not as big as elephant garlic.

I don't think I planted any of the old bulbils, so I will hop out and stuff a few in the side square above the white garlic.

In the front, left corner of the righthand deep box I pushed in some bulbils off the fire lily in the front garden. It would be nice to grow a few more of those.


Monday, August 14, 2017

More Garlic

I took up the rest of the garlic this weekend. On the left is the Icelandic Red, top right is White and bottom left some Purple-white bulbs. None of it made huge bulbs, but everything came up as divided cloves this year.

I took up some potatoes too since the grass was yellowing and had fallen over. These were from the two middle squares in the back row - from the potatoes saved in the garage over winter I think.